The Hollywood Arts Council was founded in 1978 as a grassroots membership organization open to all who believed that the arts and culture of Hollywood must play a role in the lives of residents and visitors. With more than 500 community-based members (individuals, businesses and organizations) and many successful projects, the Council has an impressive track record of service.



The Hollywood Arts Council is a voice for advocacy in the community, and continues its work in Hollywood and beyond through our events and programs. Through the years, the Hollywood Arts Council has nurtured the arts and our community in a number of ways:


Current programs:


Children's Festival of the Arts (since 1985)

Charlie Awards (since 1986)

Project SOAR (since 1996)

Spirit of Old Hollywood (since 2012)

Look below for more milestones in Hollywood Arts Council's history!



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Hollywood Arts Council

P.O. Box 931056

Hollywood, CA 90093

Tel: (323) 462-2355

Email: info@hollywoodartscouncil.org

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